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First Thoughts on the Apple Watch

I just got my Apple watch this afternoon.  While it’s early to give any sort of formal review, I thought I would share the first thoughts after having it on for a few hours now. 1) If you get a … Continue reading

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How Good Are You?

I was reading an article in USA Today this morning about how many teachers are new to the profession and the high rate of teacher turnover.  It also discussed how parents could ask teachers questions to explain and translate test … Continue reading

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The Rules of The Hunt- Review

Every so often, people will ask me if I’m willing to write a review of their work, book or project.  I’m always flattered to be asked, and I take this responsibility seriously.  After all, I’ve got all of my readers … Continue reading

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It’s Just Easier to be Truthful

I’m reading Dan Ariely’s latest book, The Honest Truth about Dishonesty.  It talks about how we all are prone to fudge the truth, just a little bit, when given the opportunity.  Even in our most honest state, we can even … Continue reading

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Marketing Over Coffee and a Great Go Promos Offer

I’m a big fan of Marketing Over Coffee,  a super podcast about all things digital marketing, run by my friends, Chris Penn and John Wall.  In my recent presentations to the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, Delaware Economic Development Office … Continue reading

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