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Looking at Markets and the Pain of Change

I’m intrigued by marketplaces of all sorts- ranging from Farmer’s Markets, to Malls, to Online Niche markets.  Each has a culture associated with it, a sense of rules and norms, often unspoken.  Each also has speculators, spectators and active participants. … Continue reading

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Becoming Your Own Hero

Seth Godin has a great post today about Going First. If there’s one gift I want to give my children, it’s the courage to try new things and explore.  While that’s something I try to live by example, getting outside … Continue reading

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Brand Choice and Politics

How much of politics is about Branding? Before getting into this, let’s talk about the influence of brands in our lives.  One of my favorite quotes from Ze Frank defines a Brand as “The emotional aftertaste after a set of … Continue reading

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