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Looking at Markets and the Pain of Change

I’m intrigued by marketplaces of all sorts- ranging from Farmer’s Markets, to Malls, to Online Niche markets.  Each has a culture associated with it, a sense of rules and norms, often unspoken.  Each also has speculators, spectators and active participants. … Continue reading

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Understanding the Possible Internet Sales Tax

There’s been noise in the news lately about how the State and Federal government is looking towards imposing sales tax on internet or e-commerce businesses for the first time.  This will mean a lot of changes in the way business … Continue reading

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School Finance from a Parent’s Perspective

I went to a public meeting of the Finance Committee for our local school district this week.  The news, as anyone could have imagined, is not good.  Here’s the problem in a nutshell: -Property values have dropped, and as a … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Logic Get In The Way

Hanging around with folks in the Marketing world has taught me a lot over the years.  One of those things is that you shouldn’t try to screw up a perfectly good story with logic. Over time, I’ve learned about everything … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Try Social?

I was listening to NPR this morning, and someone from an Ad Agency in Virginia was saying that because of the election, there’s been little opportunity for local businesses to get their own ads for the holidays and more on … Continue reading

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