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Where to “Lean In”

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Sheryl Sandberg’s new book and website, “Lean In.”    While the book just comes out today and I haven’t yet read it, all the brouhaha seems to be about how women make … Continue reading

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School Finance from a Parent’s Perspective

I went to a public meeting of the Finance Committee for our local school district this week.  The news, as anyone could have imagined, is not good.  Here’s the problem in a nutshell: -Property values have dropped, and as a … Continue reading

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Back to School and Consumer Spending

I just finished an article in the New York Times talking about the delay in the traditional Back To School spending many retailers count on, and the larger economy bets on for its overall health.  I know we’ve prepared for … Continue reading

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Focal Length

The more I listen to the news lately and think about the big problems we face, the more and more it seems the basic trouble starts with differentiating the macro problems and the micro problems. In the most banal example, … Continue reading

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Friends and Perspectives

Yesterday, I had the rare privilege of sitting down with one of my close friends from high school. After not seeing one another for years, we ran into each other in downtown Philly a few years ago and reconnected, and … Continue reading

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