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Those Transitional Moments

Today I sent my first son off to college. Everyone talks about how hard this is. ¬†Michael Gerson summed it up well in his recent column in the Washington Post when he said: This was the general drift of my … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Library

Last week, my son was at camp at Villanova University, and I spent a day on campus, in the Library. I’m researching a new book project, and i thought I’d take a look at journals I might not be able … Continue reading

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College Interview Season

One of the things I do volunteer-wise is do Alumni Interviews for my alma mater.¬† I love this, primarily because it lets me see what kind of kids our education system is producing, as well as giving me some insights … Continue reading

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Does College Matter?

There’s a general debate that circulates from time to time, about whether a college education is really important. Doesn’t experience count for more? Aren’t there tons of examples of people who have succeeded despite not having a college degree? Absolutely. … Continue reading

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