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On the Eve of Another iPad

In a few short days, the next version of Apple’s iPad will hit the shelves. We own two of the original versions, and one son has asked for the new one as his sole birthday present, so i know at … Continue reading

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The Guide on The Side- Knowledge Evangelists

At a session at Podcamp NYC on Education and the Web, Chris Hambly spoke about teachers becoming “Guides on the Side” rather than simply talking heads in the front of a room. This neatly summed up something I have been … Continue reading

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The Drop Out Rate- Let’s Do Some Math

Once upon a time, a boy from a political family got to be Governor of Texas.  He put in place some programs that looked good at the outset, but digging deeper, these programs had fundamental flaws.  Never the less, convinced … Continue reading

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The Platform Problem

There are so many things in the geek/online world we call platforms.   Whether it’s WordPress, Second Life, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else, the point I think we’re trying to get across to non-techies is that each of these “programs” or … Continue reading

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Rethinking (and executing) on Education

Educon 2.0 is an education unconference being held in Philadelphia this weekend, at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA). SLA is a progressive, public, magnet school for highschool students, and everything we think about high school has been re- engineered. Classes … Continue reading

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