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Brand Loyalty, Trust and Politics

My friend, C.C. Chapman, wrote a great blog post today about brand loyalty.  He wrote about how companies just giving away free stuff is often not enough to buy loyalty.  What these gifts and freebies buy is exposure to people … Continue reading

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Website Design and Healthcare.Gov- the Silver Lining

The roll out of has been bad.  But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud for folks in the digital space.  We might finally have the best example ever to demonstrate how important User Interface and Experience is … Continue reading

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It’s Just Easier to be Truthful

I’m reading Dan Ariely’s latest book, The Honest Truth about Dishonesty.  It talks about how we all are prone to fudge the truth, just a little bit, when given the opportunity.  Even in our most honest state, we can even … Continue reading

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The Women Wars are already in full swing this political season, and the “big” election isn’t even until November.  So far we’ve seen: The Working Moms v. Stay at Home Moms,  courtesy of Hillary Rosen and Ann Romney,  Reproductive rights … Continue reading

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The Buying of the Electorate

The money in politics this year is getting ridiculous, and we haven’t even gotten to the general election.  Frankly, I’m a little nervous, since I live in PA and the robocalls and assault ads will be starting soon, I fear. … Continue reading

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