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Come Fix My Problems!

I ran across a forum post today that essentially said: “I’m a _____(Insert name of profession here)____.  What are the apps I should download?” This is a natural question many people ask, but it’s a bad question.  Just like Bill … Continue reading

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Disruption of the Middle Class-Admin Staff- Part 1.5

After I wrote yesterday’s post on automation becoming a big or bigger problem for the middle class than it has been for blue collar jobs, an article about Secretaries and Administrative Assistants appeared in the New York Times, discussing the … Continue reading

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E-Kindness- Making it easier to be Martha Stewart

A long time ago, I used to have a great selection of greeting cards- back in the day when cards didn’t cost $3 or more a piece.  I used to love to send cards and notes to friends- it was … Continue reading

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