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Truthiness in the Age of The Internet

I come to blogging through Podcasting.  As a podcaster, I’ve tried to model what I do in interviews on the work of Terry Gross and Ira Glass, who have a way of making an emotional connection with their interview subjects … Continue reading

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Trying to Understand Standards

A couple of times a day, I spend a few minutes catching up on the news. Today, two articles appeared that may seem totally unrelated, but bring up larger questions. The first is one from Salon.Com, discussing Journalistic Irony– In … Continue reading

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Journalism, Citizen Journalism, Free Speech and the FTC

One of the biggest questions that’s come up time and again about the new FTC Guidelines is how this applies to Journalists. Most bloggers have the perception that journalists writing for newspapers and magazines are sent free stuff all the … Continue reading

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The Lines are Blurred

On a recent trip to Europe, I was amazed that the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is broadcast in an “international version” along with a disclaimer that it’s “satirical news”.  While the satire part seems self-evident, the recent change in … Continue reading

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