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Brand Decisions

There’s been a big social media dust up this week, after the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch made comments about limiting the sizes he sells so only the beautiful people shop there.  Turns out, according to Forbes, Abercrombie is already floundering … Continue reading

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Can Kids be Developers?

My son attended a camp last summer in iPhone/iPod app development, and will be going again this summer.  He had a great time, and came away from the experience with a simple, fun app he made, and the ability to … Continue reading

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Looking into The Future

There’s a new video on the ‘net showing a baby interacting with an iPad and then getting frustrated interacting with a magazine, because it is not responding in the same way. Take a few minutes to watch. Just take a … Continue reading

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Friends and Perspectives

Yesterday, I had the rare privilege of sitting down with one of my close friends from high school. After not seeing one another for years, we ran into each other in downtown Philly a few years ago and reconnected, and … Continue reading

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