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Come Fix My Problems!

I ran across a forum post today that essentially said: “I’m a _____(Insert name of profession here)____.  What are the apps I should download?” This is a natural question many people ask, but it’s a bad question.  Just like Bill … Continue reading

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Solving Problems, Designing Solutions

I have been a big fan of IDEO for a long time.  IDEO is the famous design firm, well known for its design of innovative products, ranging from Apple’s mouse to the Swiffer and beyond.  In the new exhibit at … Continue reading

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The Platform Problem

There are so many things in the geek/online world we call platforms.   Whether it’s WordPress, Second Life, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else, the point I think we’re trying to get across to non-techies is that each of these “programs” or … Continue reading

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