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Come Fix My Problems!

I ran across a forum post today that essentially said: “I’m a _____(Insert name of profession here)____.  What are the apps I should download?” This is a natural question many people ask, but it’s a bad question.  Just like Bill … Continue reading

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The Difference between Recipes and Tools

When working with clients, I try to provide tools, more than recipes. Tools give you the ability to create.  Tools are useful in many circumstances.  Mastery of tools takes time, and continues long beyond acquiring them.  A Hammer, for example, … Continue reading

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Jumping Through Hoops

On a recent trip to Vermont, I started to realize how isolated a lot of people and places are.  Living in the heart of the “Boswash” corridor, it’s easy to forget how much of America does not live adjacent to … Continue reading

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Using the Tools at Hand

Chris Penn had an interesting post on his blog today that boils down to this point:  It’s in the way that you use it.  Just like the Eric Clapton song says: It’s in the way that you use it, It … Continue reading

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The Twitterati

Twitter can be very useful, but I think we have to start to get over the “New! Shiny!” and get down to the fact that this is one of many tools in your social media kit, not the only one. … Continue reading

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