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Twitter Retrospective -Rethinking Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter since October 24, 2006. My “twitter user number” is 10,233, meaning I’m the 10,233rd person to sign up for Twitter. Chris Brogan got me to join (his twitter number is 10,202) when he emailed a bunch … Continue reading

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Longevity of New Media

Someone on Twitter was talking about how to celebrate a big Tweet number- 25,000 tweets. Some people have chosen to try to raise money for their momentous tweet, but what struck me was what might have been said in those … Continue reading

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Social Media, Brands and Friendship

It seems like anytime I shop in a store or hear a commercial, a brand or commercial entity of one sort or another asks me to become a fan or a friend on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter.  … Continue reading

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Reputation Management

Boy, am I glad that Trust Agents, by friends Chris Brogan and Julien Smith is coming out at the end of the summer.  I wish it were available tomorrow. I was reading the New York Times this morning, and there’s … Continue reading

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What’s Your Friendship Worth?

There’s a really interesting article in this past week’s Business Week about the value of friendships on Facebook and Twitter in a very economic sense.  Companies are looking at everything from whether your friends are more likely to click on … Continue reading

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