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Multi-level Marketing meets Email Marketing

Multi-level marketing  is known by many names, including network marketing, direct selling, and occasionally word of mouth marketing.  With the advent of social media and the ability to expand our “friendship” and network reach beyond our own physical locations, it’s … Continue reading

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Twitter Retrospective -Rethinking Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter since October 24, 2006. My “twitter user number” is 10,233, meaning I’m the 10,233rd person to sign up for Twitter. Chris Brogan got me to join (his twitter number is 10,202) when he emailed a bunch … Continue reading

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How We Pay Matters

I’m starting to think how we pay people for work done matters. Cash feels like we’re handing something tangible to another person.  It’s real.  It’s limited in our pockets and wallets, even if we can go to an ATM and … Continue reading

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Finding Your Social Media Voice

I started talking to a friend the other day about this idea of “finding your voice”.  To many, it sounds like a fortune cookie, and doesn’t seem to make very much sense at all, and to others, there’s an instant … Continue reading

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The Digital Generation Gap

Last week, the Archer Group in Wilmington held a Trust Summit at duPont’s Theater N, featuring presentations by Mitch Joel, Julien Smith and Chris Brogan, some of my favorite people ever.  One of the stories Mitch told keeps coming to … Continue reading

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