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A Perceived Threat

A local school received a threat early this week, and the specifics were frightening but not clear and specified today’s date for the mayhem.  The school district acted appropriately in every regard, in terms of searches of the school, and … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Try Social?

I was listening to NPR this morning, and someone from an Ad Agency in Virginia was saying that because of the election, there’s been little opportunity for local businesses to get their own ads for the holidays and more on … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Social Media Hard Truths

Part of my job is helping organizations, small businesses and non-profits, understand all this “social media stuff” and why it might be important to their business and projects.  Every time I teach a class, I think about ways to tighten … Continue reading

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Branding Using Social Media- Classes for December

Green Sales and Marketing, run by the great Barb McCoy, has asked me to teach a set of classes on Branding Your Business Utilizing Social Media for the month of December.  It’s a series of four classes, geared towards helping … Continue reading

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All Politics are Local

This old chestnut is certainly true- All Politics are Local.  But the stage upon which they are staged and played keeps growing. The local politicians, school board presidents, township supervisors, police- all of these folks do more, every day, to … Continue reading

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