….that this next year we take Podcamp and make it like Summer Camp.

….Phase 1: We find a place where there can be a multi-day, even weeklong retreat of New media Folk and their families.  Kinda like the Podcamp Cruise idea, only somewhat more back to basics.  Shoot, I’d have everyone here at my house, but I only have non-tent space for about 7 people.  Let’s not even worry about formal sessions at all, let’s just get together with the people we like most and spend time getting to really know each other, and take these online relationships and solidify them in the real world.  Most of us don’t live close enough to let backyard barbeques or margarita parties do the trick, so we need to meet someplace and do the background work we miss in this fast-ramp-up to friendship world.

…Phase II-teach others, maybe even kids and adolescents about new media.  You could do a crash course, a summer camp, an immersion- where we take newbies and let them loose on social media with guidance.  Project based things like LOLSaur. Workshops.  Anything we can dream up, we make happen.

…Phase III- Figure out a way to index people’s knowledge and talents in a way that makes their skill sets easy to find and access.  Let’s face it.  We all have a virtual roladex in our brains of who we’d at least start calling if we needed a certain kind of help, but I have no idea if the people I’d call are the same as the people you’d call or not.  I wish I had some greater database to see which people have which mad skills, that even if I don’t need to tap them today, I could keep track of this information for times when I’m asked for a referral, as well as for my own purposes.

…Phase IV- Find a way to aggregate the talent base at our disposal to take on some really great, larger than life project.  I’d like to do something that makes a tangible difference in the world this next year.

Anyway, these are my post-Turkey, too much sugar dreams.  What are yours?  If you could imagine anything happening, what would it be?  What can we do with this amazing community?  How can we share more and make more things happen?  How can we change the World, Together?