My presentation for Podcamp Boston 6 is entitled Business for Nerds.  As part of my presentation(s), I always try to give “take home” notes and resources to help people not only remember what we covered, but the things they can do after the session to implement some of the ideas we spoke about.  You can download my Business for Nerds: Resources for Businesses here.  It contains online resources including helpful podcasts, links to business templates and calculators, books to read, and the Ten Things Most People Forget to Do.

Entrepreneurship is tougher than you think.  By working for yourself, you have freedom, but you also have to fill all the roles in a business that are often filled with others  in larger businesses.  Add in that in a one man band, some of these tasks will inevitably fall outside your traditional skill sets and talents, and you’ll quickly understand why at least having information about what you might not know or have fully considered, will be important.  I hope you’ll get an idea of where folks typically run into problems in their small business ventures, and how to make sure you know where those holes are, long before they swallow you up or cause you headaches.

Please leave feedback here about the session and the handout, and what you find most useful.  I really value the feedback, as well as sharing what small business problems you may have encountered- let me know if I can help!