I’m a big fan of Marketing Over Coffee,  a super podcast about all things digital marketing, run by my friends, Chris Penn and John Wall.  In my recent presentations to the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, Delaware Economic Development Office and the classes I teach on Branding your Business using Social Media, I always recommend Marketing over Coffee for businesses to help them keep up with digital marketing and strategy.

This week, I’m even experimenting with whether or not using SEO rich words in tweets will effect klout scores as they trigger the robo-spambots, something Chris and John joked about on a recent MoC- I’ll let you know if it yields any interesting results.

As a small business person and someone who runs events regularly, I’m always trying to figure out what kind of promotional merchandise  might work as a useful reminder fo my business to customers.   Go Promos, a Marketing over Coffee sponsor, has a great selection of these sorts of items, including everything from t-shorts to mugs to pens and totes.  They have some pretty good deals on this stuff, and they definitely will be on our list the next time we’re purchasing items for a conference.  While not everyone may need a tote or bag, they can be a great way to give sponsors of an event some extra promotion by including their logo, or their promotional materials in the bag, as well as giving attendees something they can use after the event.

While I’m writing this in part to enter the Marketing Over Coffee and Go Promos contest, I also hope you’ll check out the marketing over Coffee podcast- it is by far and away one of the best podcasts I listen to, and there’s value add in every episode.