We’ve been having some really fantastic classes on Branding Your Business with Social Media in Kennett Square and in Wilmington, DE at Film Brothers.

I’ve combined the handouts for weeks Two and Three into one PDF, you can download by clicking here: Branding Your Business Week Two and Three.

I combined the handouts because much of the material concentrates on making sure your website is working for you. Your online presence is a “threshold experience” like walking into a store for the first time. The design, navigation, information and calls to action are all extremely important when it comes to taking people directed there by any social media site or offline interaction and converting them into customers.

So long before we add “social media sauce” to your marketing mix to help increase traffic to your business and website, we really need to make sure that website allows people to do business with you as simply as possible. We suggest a couple of simple tests to look at your website with a new eye, and check for things that might cause problems for your customers, and we have a few tasks to make sure your business is easier to find through search.

We then suggest you make sure you have a good analytics package on your site, so you can begin to look at what affect your social media efforts may have in increasing your business traffic, and let you know what you may want to adjust over time, if things aren’t getting the attention you want them to have.

We’ll then talk a little bit about Google’s Zero Moment of Truth, (you can download their great e-book on their website, or by clicking this link) and how you need to start thinking about how to reach your customers during their research process, and help make sure you are one of the options they consider when looking for a product of service in your industry.

I’ve also included a few great blog posts covering topics ranging from “Link Bait” to The Best Small and Medium Business Metrics to “How Much Time Should I Spend on Social media?” from a variety of great websites around the web (all credited and linked to the source).

Please let us know if these handouts are helpful, and I look forward to seeing you in class!