Gumption, from the Brooklyn SuperHero Supply Store

Gumption, from the Brooklyn SuperHero Supply Store

I’ve been a subscriber to several “care packages” ever since they became available.  These curated packages of the unique and unusual appeal to my sense of exploration and surprise every time.  There’s often a sense of utility-meets-whimsy in every box that I find inspiring.

Over time, the various items have come into good use, but moreover, together they’re adding up into what I would call an entrepreneur’s Creativity Box. Along with a few of my own curated items, my “bag of tricks” now includes:

-Pencils and notebooks from Stanford Design School

-Rapid prototyping materials from True Ventures (Legos and a spirograph!)

-Ideas on how to run rapid idea iteration sessions from Stanford D. School boxes, including principals of good design

-Organization and Plan of Action kits from Unclutterer and Scott Belsky.

-“Toys” including a rubber band gun and yoyo from Gretchen Rubin and the Happiness Project, and a yoga deck for relaxation

-Books including: Business Improv, The Startup Owner’s Manual, Back of the Napkin, Made to Stick, Design of Sites, Visual Meetings, The $100 Startup, The Knack by Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham, Amazing Things Will Happen by CC Chapman, Ship It journals from Seth Godin to mention a few.

-An Evernote Moleskein to capture ideas on paper, but also let them live on the web as needed.

-pens, pencils and markers from my office supply collection;

-A folding pocket whiteboard from Think Geek.

-My various super hero supplies from 826 NYC’s Super Hero Supply store, because who can’t help but be inspired by a flask of carbonated future or a can of Intelligence?

I’d also include my ipod Touch and Zoom audio and video recorders to help document and record the process as well.

All of these things together help create a sense of the possible, out of the box thinking, along with pathways to help the idea generation and rapid prototyping.It helps me remember that ideas are one thing, but moving them from ideas into reality is ultimately what counts.  Having the tools and source materials to help guide you and stay on track is also important. and the various boxes I’m subscribed to have helped to create a fantastic pool of materials to fill by Entrepreneurial Box.

What’s in your box?  What would you add to mine? What kind of boxes of things would inspire your creativity and help make it happen?