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Demystifying Search and the Google-Bing Debacle

The most entertaining item to geeks in this morning’s news has to be Google’s accusation that Microsoft’s Bing search engine competitor is hijacking Google search results.  (The BBC has a good article about it here). Explaining how search works to … Continue reading

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Searching Walled Gardens…

I’m still getting caught up on podcasts that got the better of me recently, but the one that caught my attention was one of NPR’s Planet Money podcast about Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, and an effort to make certain media … Continue reading

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When is Good Enough Good Enough?

I was reading my latest copy of Wired Magazine (this and Fast Company are the best ones ever…) and this month they have a great article entitled “The Good Enough Revolution“, primarily discussing how the simple and good enough products … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Search

I’ve started an interesting book called Kluge- The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary Marcus.  In the opening chapter, Marcus talks about how biological systems evolve with a “good enough” threshold, not always with the most elegant design … Continue reading

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