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Blogging For Myself

I have about 10 blog posts here in draft form, things I’ve written because I just needed to get them out of my system, but things I’m not sure are ready for prime time, so to speak. The problem with … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

I’m doing a presentation this week to local folks we’re calling “To Blog or Not to Blog”. In getting my presentation together, I’ve come across a couple of interesting videos I thought I’d share. For those of us who’ve been … Continue reading

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Today’s Questions and Answers

Chris Penn wrote a great post today about how to find blog topics, including reporting on the answers you find when you are searching for information.  Sure enough, when I search my Google Analytics stats, the blog posts that get … Continue reading

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Comments and Commentary

I’ve been having an ongoing discussion with several friends about what keeps them engaged in blogging, podcasting and the like, and why they have shut down some of their older projects or put them on hiatus.   Some folks don;t feel … Continue reading

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Questioning Ethics or When Can We Throw Stones?

My friend, Chris Brogan, has gotten some missiles lobbed his way because of a sponsored post he did recently over at his Dad-o-Matic blog regarding K-mart. Apparently, some people took offense at this, while others seemed to think it was … Continue reading

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