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You are More Than Your Audience

A friend was remarking on going back and deleting posts from his facebook and instagram accounts, trying to be quieter and more purposeful.  Part of the reason seemed to be a lack of attention to recent photos, etc. and it … Continue reading

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Brand Choice and Politics

How much of politics is about Branding? Before getting into this, let’s talk about the influence of brands in our lives.  One of my favorite quotes from Ze Frank defines a Brand as “The emotional aftertaste after a set of … Continue reading

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Branding Using Social Media- Classes for December

Green Sales and Marketing, run by the great Barb McCoy, has asked me to teach a set of classes on Branding Your Business Utilizing Social Media for the month of December.  It’s a series of four classes, geared towards helping … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Branding

This past weekend, I spent some time visiting social spaces where I haven’t “hung out” in some time.  I poked around to see what I had been missing in groups and forums I used to be a regular participant in, … Continue reading

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Notice to Brands: Small Things Mean Alot

Tide CleanStart truck in Waterloo Iowa helping with the flood Originally uploaded by devries_publicrelations I was looking around the web for resources to try to redesign my laundry room, and I found the Tide “Loads of Hope” site. Tide has … Continue reading

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