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Running For Office- Township Supervisor

As many of you know, I am running for Kennett Township Supervisor.  There is a primary on May 19th, but the main election will be on November3, 2015. Why Township Supervisor?  You just ran for the State House after all, … Continue reading

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The Media and the Campaign

There’s a lot that goes on with a political campaign that mirrors marketing for a traditional business.  In many ways, a political campaign is an eight month marketing and branding campaign- just like for any product or brand.  You are … Continue reading

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Infrastructure in an interesting word and concept.  It is the bones, or framework around which we build everything from ideas to a house, to our larger communities, and our Country as a whole.  Without a solid foundation, we can’t build … Continue reading

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Running for Public Office

Friends recently asked me to run for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, for the 160th District.  This was a total surprise to me, since my political involvement to date has been as a campaign volunteer, and of course, talking about … Continue reading

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Counting Sins or Blessings

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in blame rarely solves any argument. Instead, the process should concentrate on solving the underlying problem, not so much the feelings associated with it. When you solve the underlying problem, often … Continue reading

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