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Other People’s Money

I was with a group of friends recently and we were discussing conferences.  One person said “Was it worth it?  Would you have been annoyed if you had spent that much of your own money to attend?”  And it struck … Continue reading

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The Power of No

For just two letters, this word may be the most powerful one in the English language.  It sets limits.  It defines boundaries. It has the power to stop.  It can discourage.  It causes more fear than any other single word. … Continue reading

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Rethinking Conferences

I got an email talking about a big “post-telecomm” conference happening in about a month.  It’s one of those $1,500-$2,000 type conferences, on a subject I’m interested in and think I could learn a lot from, but it’s not exactly … Continue reading

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Redesigning the Conference Experience

I’ve been involved with the Podcamp and the Podcamp Foundation from very early on, having attended the first Podcamp in September, 2006 and having helped organize four others so far. Most of you know this. What’s intriguing though, is the … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Small

I attended two conferences this past weekend. One was the CHADD annual meeting, and the other was Podcamp EDU. Both had an educational focus. Both had impressive speakers. Both had topics that could be seen both as narrowly focused and … Continue reading

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