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The Election of the Century

I just finished watching Barack Obama give his speech and I started crying.   And before I go to bed, exhausted and exhilarated, I thought I’d write  few quick words. This election has been about the triumph of ideas, hopes, and … Continue reading

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Election Year, Leadership, and Inspiration

Joe Biden Football Hall of Fame Rally Originally uploaded by Sage Lewis Today I attended a Obama-Biden campaign rally at the University of Delaware, featuring Joe Biden. I’ve long ago decided I was voting for this ticket, but I attended … Continue reading

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The Disavowal Problem

I was checking ou the news on the election this morning, and there’s a “rush transcript” of the interview Sarah Palin did with Sean Hannity.  In it, they talk about whether or not Barak Obama should “disavow” ACORN and its … Continue reading

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Strategy Versus Reality

There’s an interesting article over at Time magazine about Barak Obama’s 50 state strategy to win the election.  In a nutshell, it says that by campaigning in all 50 states Obama has made the case that everyone and every vote … Continue reading

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