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Questioning Ethics or When Can We Throw Stones?

My friend, Chris Brogan, has gotten some missiles lobbed his way because of a sponsored post he did recently over at his Dad-o-Matic blog regarding K-mart. Apparently, some people took offense at this, while others seemed to think it was … Continue reading

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Common Sense isn’t Always Common

I’m interviewing Marcus Buckingham for my podcast, and I got to thinking about a quote from an old book of his that can be best paraphrased as what’s common sense and obvious to you, isn’t always obvious to the next … Continue reading

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Juggling, Triage and Honesty

If there’s anything I know about, it’s juggling many balls in my life.  Between being a Mom, working and volunteering, I often have so much on my plate, things risk falling off the edge and getting lost in the shuffle … Continue reading

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