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Disruption of the Middle Class-Admin Staff- Part 1.5

After I wrote yesterday’s post on automation becoming a big or bigger problem for the middle class than it has been for blue collar jobs, an article about Secretaries and Administrative Assistants appeared in the New York Times, discussing the … Continue reading

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Realistic Expectations

The key to happy relationships is realistic expectations. Managing expectations is not easy.  It tends to involve a lot of emotional churning from time to time, where you want X but the other person can only deliver Y, and no … Continue reading

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Enormity of Problems and Digging In

edited and updated on 1/21/10 The earthquake in Haiti makes anyone who has ever dealt with logistics pause and contemplate the enormity of the task ahead.  Here’s some thoughts about what’s going on: *Haiti is on an island.  The main … Continue reading

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Books About Business-What You Need to Know

I am a big fan of the Business section of the book store. This might seem odd to some of you who will say “This woman does a podcast about parenting and education; She’s a lawyer- so what’s the deal … Continue reading

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