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The Media and the Campaign

There’s a lot that goes on with a political campaign that mirrors marketing for a traditional business.  In many ways, a political campaign is an eight month marketing and branding campaign- just like for any product or brand.  You are … Continue reading

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Longevity of New Media

Someone on Twitter was talking about how to celebrate a big Tweet number- 25,000 tweets. Some people have chosen to try to raise money for their momentous tweet, but what struck me was what might have been said in those … Continue reading

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The Next New Media- We need the Library Shelf Effect

Chris Brogan had an interesting post today on the Next Media Company, talking about what the future in media might look like, or how you might design one from scratch, assuming unlimited funds and what problems currently exist, causing economic … Continue reading

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The Disavowal Problem

I was checking ou the news on the election this morning, and there’s a “rush transcript” of the interview Sarah Palin did with Sean Hannity.  In it, they talk about whether or not Barak Obama should “disavow” ACORN and its … Continue reading

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