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The Biggest Day So Far

Yesterday was Primary Day in Pennsylvania, and as a first time candidate, it was a great opportunity to go to every single polling place in the District, meet the volunteers, and talk with folks on both sides about what’s important … Continue reading

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The Buying of the Electorate

The money in politics this year is getting ridiculous, and we haven’t even gotten to the general election. ¬†Frankly, I’m a little nervous, since I live in PA and the robocalls and assault ads will be starting soon, I fear. … Continue reading

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The Drop Out Rate- Let’s Do Some Math

Once upon a time, a boy from a political family got to be Governor of Texas.¬† He put in place some programs that looked good at the outset, but digging deeper, these programs had fundamental flaws.¬† Never the less, convinced … Continue reading

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