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When Is It Corruption?

I’ve long thought the money in politics is obscene.  When I heard that Congresspeople spend 20 to 30 hours a week trying to raise money for their next campaign, is it any wonder why they never get much done in DC? … Continue reading

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Brand Decisions

There’s been a big social media dust up this week, after the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch made comments about limiting the sizes he sells so only the beautiful people shop there.  Turns out, according to Forbes, Abercrombie is already floundering … Continue reading

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How We Pay Matters

I’m starting to think how we pay people for work done matters. Cash feels like we’re handing something tangible to another person.  It’s real.  It’s limited in our pockets and wallets, even if we can go to an ATM and … Continue reading

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Other People’s Money

I was with a group of friends recently and we were discussing conferences.  One person said “Was it worth it?  Would you have been annoyed if you had spent that much of your own money to attend?”  And it struck … Continue reading

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Questioning Ethics or When Can We Throw Stones?

My friend, Chris Brogan, has gotten some missiles lobbed his way because of a sponsored post he did recently over at his Dad-o-Matic blog regarding K-mart. Apparently, some people took offense at this, while others seemed to think it was … Continue reading

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