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The Buying of the Electorate

The money in politics this year is getting ridiculous, and we haven’t even gotten to the general election. ¬†Frankly, I’m a little nervous, since I live in PA and the robocalls and assault ads will be starting soon, I fear. … Continue reading

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The Education Flap

There’s a perception in this Country that education is broken.¬† Oprah has jumped on the bandwagon with her shows on the “Waiting for Superman” documentaries, and made a lot of comments that are known to be more myth than fact.¬† … Continue reading

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Women and New Media

For those of you who may be new here, I’ve been “embedded” in social media now for almost three years. Not as long as some, longer than others. I never saw myself as doing anything radical, or against the tide. … Continue reading

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