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The Price of Healthcare

My mom called me up in tears this morning.  We’ll get to the reason in a few moments- let’s first talk about her medical conditions. My mom, Janet Schumacher, turned 65 this year. Following an episode of pancreatitis that damaged … Continue reading

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The Election of the Century

I just finished watching Barack Obama give his speech and I started crying.   And before I go to bed, exhausted and exhilarated, I thought I’d write  few quick words. This election has been about the triumph of ideas, hopes, and … Continue reading

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Election Year, Leadership, and Inspiration

Joe Biden Football Hall of Fame Rally Originally uploaded by Sage Lewis Today I attended a Obama-Biden campaign rally at the University of Delaware, featuring Joe Biden. I’ve long ago decided I was voting for this ticket, but I attended … Continue reading

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The Disavowal Problem

I was checking ou the news on the election this morning, and there’s a “rush transcript” of the interview Sarah Palin did with Sean Hannity.  In it, they talk about whether or not Barak Obama should “disavow” ACORN and its … Continue reading

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Political Theater

The Political conventions are coming up, and we’re all waiting to see who the candidates pick as their Vice President.  Reporters and journalists are camped out in front of Joe Biden’s house, just a few miles away,  and I am … Continue reading

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