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Business for Nerds

My presentation for Podcamp Boston 6 is entitled Business for Nerds.  As part of my presentation(s), I always try to give “take home” notes and resources to help people not only remember what we covered, but the things they can … Continue reading

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Twitter Retrospective -Rethinking Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter since October 24, 2006. My “twitter user number” is 10,233, meaning I’m the 10,233rd person to sign up for Twitter. Chris Brogan got me to join (his twitter number is 10,202) when he emailed a bunch … Continue reading

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Why Podcamp?

Podcamp, from its very inception, has been more than mere how-to’s about recording audio or video and posting it online.  It’s been about finding your voice, expressing your creativity, finding a niche and a community, and personal development, clothed in … Continue reading

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Social Media Yenta – Here’s the ROI

One of the most amazing things about the first Podcamp Boston is how many enduring friendships have come into my life because of it.  Of the 347 people on the registrants list for that very first Podcamp, I can count … Continue reading

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