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Can You “Flip” the Office?

I’m exploring new ways of learning and teaching, and one way to do this, is to create your own virtual conference, using shared videos, tools and more off the web. Currently, I’m creating a professional development session for a school … Continue reading

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Things I Love

There’s nothing that makes me feel more like an excited child than getting the mail anding a surprise in there.  It could be something I’ve ordered.  It could be a letter or card.  It doesn’t matter.  It feels like winning … Continue reading

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A few years ago, when I started podcasting and blogging, I knew I was doing something unusual.  Being on what turned out to be the “cutting edge” felt a little weird, but I had good company, with a band of … Continue reading

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All Politics are Local

This old chestnut is certainly true- All Politics are Local.  But the stage upon which they are staged and played keeps growing. The local politicians, school board presidents, township supervisors, police- all of these folks do more, every day, to … Continue reading

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Don’t Underestimate Surprise and Delight as a Strategy

I have been a fan of Seth Godin’s for a long time. I read his blogs, buy his books, and frequently recommend them to friends. (In fact, we celebrated my birthday this year at Max Brenner’s restaurant, in part due … Continue reading

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