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The Personal User’s Manual

I was reading a great blog post over on Edutopia about writing a Student’s User Guide. The title was a bit dull, but on reading it, a teacher talks about developing a “personal User’s Guide” not only for herself, but … Continue reading

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Website Design and Healthcare.Gov- the Silver Lining

The roll out of Healthcare.gov has been bad.  But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud for folks in the digital space.  We might finally have the best example ever to demonstrate how important User Interface and Experience is … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Try Social?

I was listening to NPR this morning, and someone from an Ad Agency in Virginia was saying that because of the election, there’s been little opportunity for local businesses to get their own ads for the holidays and more on … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

I’m doing a presentation this week to local folks we’re calling “To Blog or Not to Blog”. In getting my presentation together, I’ve come across a couple of interesting videos I thought I’d share. For those of us who’ve been … Continue reading

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Consumer Spending and the Economy

I was with my trainer this morning, and we were discussing post-holiday things, as is typical the first week in January.  And I was struck by the following thought: We got ourselves out of the Great Depression by an expansion … Continue reading

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