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The Top 10 Social Media Hard Truths

Part of my job is helping organizations, small businesses and non-profits, understand all this “social media stuff” and why it might be important to their business and projects.  Every time I teach a class, I think about ways to tighten … Continue reading

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Launching in Hostile Waters

This week, I’ve stumbled across several examples that make me wonder how product launches are going to work in the future. In the land of radical transparency and social media, leaks and speculations happen all the time. Rumors about Apple … Continue reading

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Marketing Over Coffee and a Great Go Promos Offer

I’m a big fan of Marketing Over Coffee,  a super podcast about all things digital marketing, run by my friends, Chris Penn and John Wall.  In my recent presentations to the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, Delaware Economic Development Office … Continue reading

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Examples of Good Disclosure

When it comes to the new FTC regulations regarding disclosure in advertising, the best way to learn what to do is to read the examples given in the Guidelines themselves, or to see examples of how disclosure is done well, … Continue reading

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The End of a Network – Is it the End of the Idea?

Podango looks like it is in trouble and may not be long for this world. I’ve been part of the Podango family while part of the Mommycast and Friends network, and I have always been a big fan of Doug … Continue reading

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