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Longevity of New Media

Someone on Twitter was talking about how to celebrate a big Tweet number- 25,000 tweets. Some people have chosen to try to raise money for their momentous tweet, but what struck me was what might have been said in those … Continue reading

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Too Much Information

When is sharing your life online with others crossing over into  TMI  (Too Much Information) territory? Like it or not, we make judgments about people based on the integral of all we know about them.  The baseball player who bets … Continue reading

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Searching Walled Gardens…

I’m still getting caught up on podcasts that got the better of me recently, but the one that caught my attention was one of NPR’s Planet Money podcast about Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, and an effort to make certain media … Continue reading

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Interesting or Identifiable?

I’ve been reading Chuck Klosterman’s “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs- A Low Culture Manifesto”.  It’s basically a collection of essays-each one different, but each one (so far) displaying Chuck’s great sense of humor, connecting what you would think are wildly … Continue reading

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Challenges and Victories

The Miracle is not that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start. John Bingham This has been a big week for me. After organizing Podcamps – digital media community unconferences – for the past few … Continue reading

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